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Non-screen Activities


Wonderful activities you can do together as a family


Things to do in the garden/or for an outside space:

  • Planting seeds 

  • Building a hedgehog home
  • Reusing plastic bottles to make bug hotels
  • Making Fairy gardens
  • Building a small pond/bog garden (using an old bucket or box)
  • Feeding the birds and using ID charts to identify them
  • Making wildflower seed bombs
  • Growing salads and herbs
  • Painting in the outdoors
  • Drawing in the outdoors
  • Building dens!
  • Bug hunting (using ID charts)
  • Building a bug trap
  • Building mini glasshouses with small plastic bottles (growing salads in them)
  • Mapping skills (drawing a map of the garden/house and using it to learn orienteering skills)
  • Painting stones
  • Setting up role play areas e.g. a mud kitchen (younger)
  • Playing with bubbles
  • Playing with chalks, e.g. hopscotch or art work using paving slab as a canvas!
  • Painting with water – kids play for hours just painting with water – making patterns and watching them dry
  • Playing with boxes and building and challenges
  • Making story jars with natural items (this can then be used indoors with story writing)
  • Making and building musical areas – using old pans/pots, etc
  • Making water runs with old pipes/guttering and bottles
  • Exploring clouds and the solar system
  • Making mini rafts/boats
  • Building obstacle courses
  • Making trails/finding your way – using sticks and stones to follow a trail
  • Making weather stations (rain gauge)
  • Making sundials
  • Scavenger hunt
  • Making a moth trap
  • Skipping (long rope)
  • Designing games courses using cones, etc.
  • Making a hockey stick with old newspapers, string and tape and then having a game


Things to do in the house: 

  • Cooking/baking

  • Decorating cakes
  • Setting up a snack shop 
  • Setting up role play corners – shop, office, hospital, café, etc.
  • Painting/using pastels and charcoal/colouring
  • Making models
  • Using clay and play dough
  • Making your own dough to use
  • Mapping skills – using logos and grid references to design a day out
  • Indoor dens
  • Threading beads/pasta
  • Making marble runs with tubes
  • Printing
  • Yoga – on YouTube 'Cosmic Yoga'
  • Mindfulness – Short audio sessions – Smiling Mind
  • Dancing – on Facebook with Oti Mabuse
  • Science – Techniquest – they have pre-recorded 90 second daily demos on their Facebook and YouTube channel e.g. how to make a Lava Lamp
  • Experiments – lots of ideas online
  • Bird watching – using ID charts
  • Collecting things outdoors and bringing them inside to create stories

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