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Geography Curriculum Intent Statement

Our geography curriculum equips pupils with knowledge about diverse places, people and environments, as arming children with powerful knowledge about the world around them helps them to develop a love for the subject of geography, and also recognise their own role in becoming a responsible global citizen.


Our geography curriculum develops geographical knowledge and understanding in a way that builds on children’s prior knowledge, allowing them to make meaningful connections and gain an understanding of how our world is connected. Through the broad range of units studied children will add to their conceptual understanding with many examples of geographical knowledge in context. Every year, children will study at least one aspect of British geography. As with the rest of the geography curriculum, children’s knowledge and understanding of British geography builds incrementally from year to year. Units of European geography introduce regions of Europe, focussing on climate, trade, industry, landmarks, physical features and contrasting environments providing foundational knowledge for their studies in other subject areas; for example, their studies of the Vikings in history.


Alongside their study of the UK and Europe, children will extend their knowledge beyond these regions to study world geography. Applying their knowledge and understanding of the globe, latitude, longitude, the hemispheres and time zones, children will develop an understanding of the physical geography of countries and continents. They will consider a range of human geographical features such as settlements, land use, trade links, and natural resources culminating in a unit human impact on the environment, which brings together the key elements of human and physical geography and draws on the knowledge and understanding acquired through their studies.


High quality geography boasts an impressive pedagogical repertoire, which is illustrated to its aspects of geographical enquiry, outdoor learning and fieldwork, children’s personal geographies, spatial awareness, mapwork and graphicacy, learning technologies and environmental geography.

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